The price of stock market and crypto currency market are always up or down, you can wait to buy at the good price and hope it will bounce back, but you still can make money in case the price is going down, here’s several ways to do this.

1. Lending Your Coins

This is easiest & safest way to to let crypto currency work for you. Some trading platforms support lending program, like:

You can do it manual, or you can create an API to let the bot create offer lending for you automatic, I’m using Coinlend program and very happy with it.

2. Buy In The Dip

If you believe that this is just temporary correction, and that markets will revert to gains again soon, you can treat your coins to get the usdt and ready to buy at the lower prices.

Almost trading platforms are support trading pair with USDT, but just some main coins, I like trading platforms and website support many trading pair with USDT, so, my favourites trading platforms are:

3. Go Short

This is dangerous way, but maybe it will help you get the double money, because you can earn money in both cases, when price up or down, but this is really hard and need more experiences, please consider this before you decide go short. Here’s the list trading platforms and service supporting to short:

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